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Saliva is extremely important because it not only keeps your mouth feeling moist, it also helps you swallow and digest food and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

That’s why sipping water – whilst it will give brief relief from your dry mouth – is only a temporary solution and may not offer sufficient relief. It cannot replace the important role saliva plays in your mouth.

What’s more, constant sipping of water can lead to disturbed nights with frequent trips to the toilet!

Oralieve Dry Mouth products have been specially developed to supplement the natural enzymes and proteins found in saliva, protecting your mouth whilst providing immediate and long-lasting relief for your dry mouth.  

Oralieve Range Shot 


Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Gel and Spray help lubricate lips, tongues and gums to leave dry mouths feeling happy again.

And for all round oral hygiene, Oralieve Mouthrinse and Toothpaste have been formulated to be gentle on dry mouths, whilst keeping teeth and gums healthy.